French Film Festival Returns to Fullerton College After Two Years

Fullerton College’s French Department brought the community together for four nights–March 29, March 30, April 5, and April 6–for music, food, and films.

Festival event organizers were presented with a proclamation from Fullerton City Councilmember Ahmad Zahra. Photo by Adrian Meza.

Three nights were dedicated to French culture with March 30 being the German Film Night. Returning to a new normal with COVID precautions, community members showed proof of vaccination/testing and had to wear masks inside the theater. The last time this event was held in person was in 2019. Many of the attendees and organizers of the event expressed a sense of surrealism and content at the return of the festival that highlights the richness of French culture.


Video filmed by Urooj Naveed

Pictures/editing by Adrian Meza