Admit it; we all make mistakes

Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we promise things that we cannot deliver. Sometimes we do things that we shouldn’t. Sometimes we are just plain wrong. When you discover that you are the one in the wrong, I have words of wisdom for you: own up and apologize!

People often have a hard time admitting when they have made the mistake that they are the one responsible. This is probably for many reasons, but the two bottom-line reasons tend to be the thought, “Everyone will see how incompetent I am,” or a variation on that theme, with the follow-up, thought, “They will leave me now!”

It is scary to become vulnerable. It is scary to have people see that you are not perfect. However, the only way to truly create a healthy relationship with someone is to become real.

Pretending that you are something that you are not will eventually cause the relationship to collapse. Take a moment and imagine how healing it would be if someone saw the “real you,” the person who makes mistakes and loves you still! Just a side note, apologizing does not make you have a “lower score” than your partner. It makes you stronger and more amazing.

Admitting to our mistakes adds to our growth as a human. When we can make amends and correct our mistakes, we become more than we were before. We also add to our resiliency. We can actually handle the next thing that comes up even better.

Admit to the mistakes. Apologize. Grow!